Jiann Orange 53


Jiann Orange 53

53 x 53 cm | 100% silk | orange
Art Scarf.
Hand painted burnt orange small silk scarf with red and fuchsia highlights.

This luxury 100% Habotai silk (8 mm) bandana is approximately 53 x 53 cm and when you buy an Agnes Ashe creation, you can be assured that you will never see the exact same scarf repeated elsewhere.

Square scarf painted using steam-fixed acid dyes with hand-rolled hems.

I have hand painted this scarf mixing the colours by eye making it more like a painting. As with any hand painted work there's always signs of the artist's hand which adds to it distinctiveness and exclusivity. It is NOT a digital print and you will be purchasing a one-of-a-kind. The process of hand painting always results in variations, shapes and patterns differ, and colours bleed into each other creating a matchless piece.

I have endeavoured to capture an accurate image of the colours of the scarf, yet the mercurial essence of colourful silk and its representation on a web page is variable. I have found that the photographs of this scarf give a fair indication of the real item. However, even these images fail to convey the soft, delicate, luxurious quality of these scarves.

Each scarf is presented in a signature gift box and packaged in a parent outer shipping box.
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